Scarlet Ranch New Location

We attended the Grand opening at the New Scarlet Ranch location last night and had a blast.  The new Scarlet Ranch location is so different from the previous digs on Broadway and we think it is going to be fantastic.  We spoke with the owner of Scarlet Ranch at the memorial Day Sutra party and he was so excited that he gave us the inside scoop on the new Scarlet Ranch location .  He was able to purchase the property where Northwoods Inn and Steakhouse used to be.  The address is 8109 Blakeland Dr. in Littleton.  Scarlet Ranch’s new home is a block south of C-470 and a block west of Santa Fe and it is extremely private, clean, and was jam packed for the Grand Opening.

The new Scalet Ranch is enormous with current seating for over 200 and room for 1000.  Great Dance Floor, large bar with 3 or 4 bartenders serving you whatever alcohol that you brought with you (BYOB) Unlimited, free private parking, and upscale atmosphere in this Ranch type Playhouse!  The huge backyard has lush grass and trees, tables and torches and it’s 100% private as well.  This outdoor playground is going to be so much fun this summer.  They are talking about opening for the nude sunbathers on Sundays and maybe Saturdays as well. 

Scarlet Ranch is also going to add 2 outdoor hottubs and the Foam Party is going to be held outside in 2 weeks.  There are also going to be private play areas / Tipis outside which will be Denver’s first and only oudoor On Premise Playground!  Sound like any fun?  Hell yes!  We overheard 3 different women talking about how excited they were about the idea of being able to have sex outside under the stars.  We can’t wait to go to our next Scarlet Ranch Party!

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