Denver Colorado Best Swingers Club Scarlet Ranch or Sugar House?

Scarlet Ranch or Sugar House?  This is a question that many Denver area Swingers have asked themselves as they were making plans to go out for a night of decadence and sexual exploration.  Both of these Denver Swinger Clubs have been around for a while and have had several different locations.  We attended a few parties at Scarlet Ranch when it was still out by Evergreen, and we also went to a few parties at Syndicate and 4play before they opened Sugar House.  We have also been to both of these new Swingers Clubs multiple times since they opened in their current locations.  

Scarlet Ranch and Sugar House compete pretty aggressively for sexy Denver Swingers and that competition has even gotten a bit contentious at times.  Competition is certainly understandable since both owners have invested heavily by buying their own building, and doing their very best to decorate their clubs in a sexy upscale atmosphere.  They have also had to fight zoning issues, firecode, liquor laws and more.

The great news for all of us Denver Swingers who enjoy having a sexy, open atmosphere to go out and party and meet other open minded couples, is that all of the competition has caused both of them to build a great club for Colorado Swingers to enjoy.

The great thing in our minds is that these two Swinger Clubs are very different and each provides a fun, sexy, unique environment.  Click here to see our unbiased reviews and a comparison of both of these great Denver Swinger Clubs.

Westword  also wrote an article called Swap Talk about Scarlet Ranch, a few other Denver Swinger parties, and the competition between these 2 club owners.  The article was written before Sugar House opened and gives some interesting insights, and a bit of political drama.  You can read the article here.

No matter which of these Denver Swingers Clubs you decide to go to, we strongly suggest you join Kasidie 1st and email some of the other hot couples you will see on the guest list!  Almost every swinger you will meet in Denver is on Kasidie and it makes communication so much easier.

News Update – As of the week of 5-7-11 Scarlet Ranch is temporarily closed.  At least we it is temporary.  We had heard for several months that Scarlet Ranch was going to move into a new facility and they actually had the new place picked out and were preparing for the move.  Unfortunately the new building had some zoning and code issues and they were unable to make it work.  The improvemenst needed for the existing building were way too expensive and now they are in a holding pattern.  We sincerely hope that this great On Premise Club returns to the Denver Swingers Scene soon!  Unitl then, you can find every Denver Swingers Party listing right here.