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Hello Denver Swingers and everyone interested in the sexy and thriving Denver Swingers Community!  Denver has one of the sexiest and most active swingers communities in the entire nation and we encourage you to look through our Denver Swingers info site and read our reviews of all of the great Denver Swingers parties and Denver Swingers clubs.

Current Denver Swingers Parties and Clubs as of 5-6-13

Scarlet Ranch – One of the premier on-premise swingers clubs in the country with fantastic parties every Friday and Saturday night and a free beer, clothing optional Sunday Funday in their large, private backyard all summer long.    They also have special theme nights and more casual get togethers on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.  Scarlet Ranch has a very large membership, with some of their members on Kasidie and many that are not on any swingers website at all.  Huge turnouts for Foam parties, Halloween, New Years Eve parties, as well as their weekly themes.  Denver Swingers are very fortunate to have this world class swingers club in our backyard!

Sweets Entertainment Parties – The Sweets Entertainment parties have been a favorite of the Denver Swingers Community for over 6 years now and continue to be some of the sexiest and classiest of the Denver Swingers events.  Jack and Donna host great Meet and Greet type parties at sexy venues all around Denver.  They frequently attract 200-300 people and are great events for 1st timers and experienced Denver swingers alike.  We are very sad to report that the extremely popular Sutra Sunday parties have ended there amazing 6 year run because the Sutra / Hive closed it’s doors.  Fortunately, Sweets has found a fun and sexy new venue for their sexy Sunday Meet and Greets.  This Denver Swingers favorite is now hosted at the Funky Buddha lounge with a full takeover of their upstairs patio!  Sweets Entertainment still hosts 1 or 2 great parties per month and as always, all of the upcoming party details can be found in the Parties/Events Section of Kasidie.

Menage Party at the Jet Hotel – In Vision Events has been hosting this sexy Friday night adult party at the Jet Hotel in downtown Denver for the last several months.  We attended this sexy new Denver swingers party last month and had a blast!  Menage has even received a very positive review from Westword magazine! This Denver Swingers party is hosted once a month. Denver Swingers parties and events

The Retreat – The Retreat has been hosting an On-premise Denver Swingers Party for over 34 years!  They host a great party in west Denver every Friday and Saturday night.  We haven’t been to the Retreat in a few years but we have been hearing some great things lately.  We will be stopping by for a party soon!

Girls Uncorked – This is a fantastic, fun, and sexy monthly wine and flirtation party for girls only.  Girls Uncorked is hosted at member’s homes and is a casual and flirty wine and cheese party for any and all women who are in, or interested in the lifestyle.  The Girls uncorked parties have 50-100 sexy women every month!  Girls uncorked are another Kasidie original!

There are many other great Denver Swingers parties, private and public Meet and Greets, fetish and kink parties, women’s only parties like Girls Uncorked, and special theme parties be hosted in Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and other places throughout Colorado.  We think it is so much easier to plan and enjoy your swingers experience if you are on a real swingers site, built for swingers by swingers.  Our personal favorite, by far is because of the sexy, and extremely large community, especially here in Denver.  No matter what swingers site you may belong to, we encourage you to come out and explore at 1 of these great Denver Swingers Parties!  You can find us, Foxyblues on Kasidie!

Denver Swingers Parties

Denver Swingers has decided to add a page that will update regularly to show upcoming Swingers Parties in Denver and Colorado.  Denver is fortunate to have some of the best swingers parties in the country.  If you are new to swinging in Colorado or even just curious about the swinging lifestyle, then attending a hot swingers party here in Colorado can be a great way to get started.  If you haven’s been to a swingers party Denver style then you are missing out!   

  Click here to see our list of upcoming Denver Swingers Parties.

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Denver Colorado Best Swingers Club Scarlet Ranch or Sugar House?

Scarlet Ranch or Sugar House?  This is a question that many Denver area Swingers have asked themselves as they were making plans to go out for a night of decadence and sexual exploration.  Both of these Denver Swinger Clubs have been around for a while and have had several different locations.  We attended a few parties at Scarlet Ranch when it was still out by Evergreen, and we also went to a few parties at Syndicate and 4play before they opened Sugar House.  We have also been to both of these new Swingers Clubs multiple times since they opened in their current locations.  

Scarlet Ranch and Sugar House compete pretty aggressively for sexy Denver Swingers and that competition has even gotten a bit contentious at times.  Competition is certainly understandable since both owners have invested heavily by buying their own building, and doing their very best to decorate their clubs in a sexy upscale atmosphere.  They have also had to fight zoning issues, firecode, liquor laws and more.

The great news for all of us Denver Swingers who enjoy having a sexy, open atmosphere to go out and party and meet other open minded couples, is that all of the competition has caused both of them to build a great club for Colorado Swingers to enjoy.

The great thing in our minds is that these two Swinger Clubs are very different and each provides a fun, sexy, unique environment.  Click here to see our unbiased reviews and a comparison of both of these great Denver Swinger Clubs.

Westword  also wrote an article called Swap Talk about Scarlet Ranch, a few other Denver Swinger parties, and the competition between these 2 club owners.  The article was written before Sugar House opened and gives some interesting insights, and a bit of political drama.  You can read the article here.

No matter which of these Denver Swingers Clubs you decide to go to, we strongly suggest you join Kasidie 1st and email some of the other hot couples you will see on the guest list!  Almost every swinger you will meet in Denver is on Kasidie and it makes communication so much easier.

News Update – As of the week of 5-7-11 Scarlet Ranch is temporarily closed.  At least we it is temporary.  We had heard for several months that Scarlet Ranch was going to move into a new facility and they actually had the new place picked out and were preparing for the move.  Unfortunately the new building had some zoning and code issues and they were unable to make it work.  The improvemenst needed for the existing building were way too expensive and now they are in a holding pattern.  We sincerely hope that this great On Premise Club returns to the Denver Swingers Scene soon!  Unitl then, you can find every Denver Swingers Party listing right here.

Denver Swingers Denver Swinger Parties

We are Real Denver Swingers who decided to start a completely honest site to provide information for other open minded couples who are interested in exploring the Swinging Lifestyle in Denver.  We will provide unbiased opinions on Denver Swinger Parties. Denver Swinger Clubs, as well as Swinger Websites that we have been on for years.

We are a married couple that have been Swingers right here in Denver for over 15 years.  We have been to all of the Swinger Clubs here in Denver, and enjoy talking with new couples who are interested in meeting other open minded Swingers in the Lifestyle.  We encourage your comments and your questions.  As we build this Denver Swingers information site we will continue to add updates and reviews of all of the options that you have available if you would like to find out more about enjoying your experience as a Denver Swinger!  We also love hearing from new swingers Denver and throughout Colorado.

Warning!  This website is moderated and if you post a bogus or unfounded negative review of a Denver Swingers Club, or Swingers Party we will point it out, or delete it.  Some of the untrue negative reviews on other Denver Swinging sites are the reason that we created this unbiased site in the 1st place!

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