Swingers Terms Glossary

We have worked hard to make this the nost comprehensive list of swingers terms and phrases available anywhere on the web.  Let us know if you have a swinger term that we should add to the list.

2 on 1 –  Usually refers to 2 men in a threesome with 1 woman.

3some, Threesome – Three partners engaging in sexual activity

420 friendly – OK with marijuana

A2M – Ass to Mouth.   More common in porn than in swinging, but it does happen.   The act of taking the penis into the mouth following anal sex.

AC/DC – Bisexual, Goes both ways  More commonly just referred to as Bi

AFFAdult Friend Finder

After Party – A private or semi private party that takes place after a public event. 

Airtight – A woman having all 3 orifices filled – Vagina, anus, mouth

Alt Alt.com  A swingers site focused on BDSM, leather and other fetishes

Anal Swap –  Swapping partners for anal sex

Apple Bottom, Big Booty – Usually an appreciate commentary on a curvy butt

B & D – Bondage and discipline

Back Door – Anal Sex

Bareback – Intercourse without comments

BBC – Big Black Cock.  Commonly sought after by those that enjot interracial and, or cuckold play

BBW – Big Beautiful Woman.  Refers to a woman that is heavier than average and curvy.  Some men have a bit of a BBW fetish

BDSM – Bondage, discipline, SadoMasochism –  Combination of bondage and pain.  Can be light or heavy

Bi– Bisexual

Bi-Comfortable – Comfortable with some contact with the same sex.  Often times means will kiss, touch, or receive oral but may not reciprocate.

Bi Couple – Both parnters are bisexual

Bi-Curious –  Curious about sexual contact with the same sex

Bi-Selfish  This swingers term was invented by us.  Woman who likes to receive oral from same sex but WILL NOT reciprocate.

Booty call – Spontaneous call out for a get together.  Booty calls can be for dinner, drinks, poker, a hot tub party, or a sexual encounter.

C2C – Cam to cam.  Both sides turn on and watch each other on webcam.

Can Entertain, Cannot entetain – Refers to wheter or not they can have you over to their house.

Cougar – An older woman who enjoys being with sexy younger men

CD – Cross Dresser, Someone who wears clothes and makes themselves up to look like a member of the opposite sex.

Cheating – Having sex with someone else without the knowledge and approval of your partner.  Highly frowned upon within the swinging community.

Clean – Clean cut, hygienic, free of STD’s

Clean up – Man or woman who likes to go down on a partner after sex and usually after the man has an orgasm

Closed Group Swinging – A group of swingers who have agreed to swap partners within their group but do not have sex with people outside of their group – Sometimes related to tested unprotected sex.

Closed Swinging – Swapping partners and having sex in separate rooms

Compersion – The opposite of jealousy.  It means feeling joy when you see your partner get sexual pleasure from someone else.  In Polyamory it can refer to feelings of joy when your partner is experiencing feelings of love for someone else.

Cowgirl – Sexual position with woman on top facing the man – Usually sitting up.

CreamPie – The white creamy result of male orgasm as it leaks out…  Vaginal creampie or anal creampie – Also can be related to clean up, but many couples are just turned on by the visual and may enjoy taking pics as well.

Cuck or Cuckold – Male who likes to see his partner have sex with other men.  Also sometimes likes his wife to date or have sex with other men without him being present.  May or may not include clean up.

Cuckolding – When the woman gets turned on by having sex with other men.  It can be done in front of, or away from her partner.  Can also sometimes include a humiliation aspect which can include a comparison of penis size, clean up, or sexual prowess.

Curvy – Well ronded figure.  Most of the time refers to the woman.  Large breasts, hips, and or butt.

DAP – Double anal penetration – 2 men or a mna and a toy in the anus – Rare for obvious reasons but certainly happens

D&D Free – Drug and disease free (The drug part usually refers to hard drugs and may, or may not apply to marijuana)

Desire– In addition to be aroused, it may also refer to one of several Lifestyle Resorts in Mexico. Cabo, Cancun

Discipline – Spankings, floggings or other punishment that is meant to arouse one or both partners

Dom – The dominant member of a Dom / Sub  relationship

DP – Double penetration.  Can be 2 men, or can involve strap on play or toys.  Usually means 1 in the vagina and one in the anus. 

DVP – Double Vaginal Penetration – 2 men, or a man and a toy or strap on inserted into the vagina

Exhibitionism, Exhibitionist – A person or people who like to show off.  It could refer to public nudity, or sex in front of others.

Fetish – Being turned on by something that some would consider out of the ordinary.  Leather, bdsm, feet, hair.  There are many, many fetishes

Foam party – A popular and very messy theme party.  Lots of Soapy bubbles fill the dance floor and the people dancing usually get naked or semi naked and slip and slide around the dance floor.

Foursomes – 4 people, usually 2 couples

French – Refers top oral sex and occasionally used to say it is ok to kiss passionately

Friends With Benefits, FWB, F-Buddy – Friends who you also enjoy sexual activities with.

Full Swap – A couple that enjoys swapping both partners and having intercourse with another couple.  Can be in same, or separate rooms.

GB – Gang Bang.  Any number of men having intercourse with 1 or 2 women

Girl/Girl – Bisexual play between 2 women.  Extremely common in the lifestyle.

Greek – Refers to anal intercourse

Group – Desire for group play, more than 2 other partners.

Group Room – A room designated for group sex or an orgy.  Often covered in blankets or matresses.

Hall Pass – One partner giving permission for the other to play on their own.  Could be for a business trip, or for a specific party.  It can also be permanent

Hedo, Hedonism II, Hedonism III – Lifestyle friendly resorts in Jamaica where nudity and public sex is allowed.

Hedonsism, hedonist, hedonistic – Someone who pursues pleasure.  Can refer to sex, alcohol, or other substances

Hot Wife, Hotwife – Refers to a marries woman who likes to go out on dates and have sex with other men while the husband stays home.  Can also take place in front of him.  See cuckolding.

House Party – One of our favorites!  A private group of invitees that attends a swingers party at someones home.

Hung, Well Hung, 8+ – All refer to a man with a large penis, 8+ refers to 8 inches or more.

HWP – Height Weight Proportionate.  Someone who is not to heavy, or to skinny

Interracial – Sexual play with a variety of races.  Often black and white

Kasidie Exclusive Event –  These are becoming more and more common and are very popular with big turnouts.  There are private parties that are only available to Kasidie members.  Also referred to as a takeover.  These events usually have giveaways to swingers resorts and many other special benefits.  You can get your free Kasidie Membership here.  Totally free trial.  No credit card needed.  If you like it as much as we do, you will want to upgrade to an elite membership.

Key Party – A rare event which used to be more common.  A party where the male deposits their car keys in a container as they arrive and the women draw out a pair of keys.  She goes home with the man whos key she chose and stays with him for the night.

Lifestyle – The Swingers community.  Often times said as We are in the lifestyle. or Are they in the Lifestyle.

LL Lifestyle Lounge  List foxyblues as your referrer to double your free trial period

Loud – A screamer… Someone who is very loud when they climax. 

M4M – Male for male  Men seeking men

Meet and Greet, M & G – A casual event over drinks or dinner where anyone is invited.  Great place to meet new people in a very relaxed and casual environment. (These are regularly advertised on Kasidie)

Menage a ‘trois – Threesome

MFM – Male Female Male.  Threesome involving 2 men with the woman in between.  Implies no male bisexuality.

MFF – Male Female Female.  Threesome involving 1 man and 2 women.  May or may not involve female bisexuality.

MMF – Male Male Female.  Threesome involving 2 men and a woman and implies male bisexuality.

MFMMMMMMM – Any number of men and 1 woman.  Also referred to as a Gangbang.

Moresomes – More than 4 poeple aka Group Sex

NASCA – North American Swing Club Association

New Relationship Energy, NRE – A polyamory term that refers to the feeling of euphoria when you enter into a relationship with someone new.  Can also occur in a swinging setting.

Newbies, Newcomers – People new to the swinging community

NS, NSA – No strings, no strings attached.  Someone looking for sex only

Off Premise – A swingers party where there is no sex, and often, no nudity allowed at the event.  Dancing, kissing, flirting is encourage but all sex must take place in your hotel room or somewhere else.  Many Off Premise parties are held in hotel meeting rooms with a few floors of rooms reserved only by the attendees.  There is often times an after party in a few suites where sex can take place.

On Premise – These are events usually held at house parties, hotel suites, or private swingers clubs. Sexual activities, and nudity are allowed “On Premise”  There may be designated areas or bedrooms. There could also be safe rooms, or public areas where sexual activities are not allowed. 

Open Relationship – One, or both partners are free to have sex with others outside of their marriage or relationship

Open swinging –Swapping or sharing partners but all in the same room or same bed.

Orally Bi –  Usually refers to the man being open to giving oral sex to another man

Orgy – Multiple partners who are all comfortable with each other.  Everyone participating in the same room, on the same bed etc.  May or may not involve bisexuality.

Permission Slip – Allowing your partner to play with others when you are not there.  Can be temporary or permanent.

Play room, or Play area – A designated area where sex can take place

Polyamory, polyamorous – The belief in multiple loving relationships compared to swinging which is the belief in  multiple, mutually agreed upon, sexual encounters.  A polyamorous couple is open to the idea of falling in love with other people or couples, which is not usually what swingers have in mind.

Public play area – An area with a public bed, blankets or couches where sex can take place.

Rendezvous – This is Kasidie’s Booty Call feature for sponatneous meetings
which allows for spontaneous connections.

Role Playing – Playing out a sexual fantasy or role for an evening or a period of time

Roman – Usually refers to an orgy.  Can also mean a Toga party

Safe – Refers to the man or woman being “fixed”  V- safe  Vasectomy safe –  Tubes tied. etc.. Unable to get pregnant

Safe sex only – Condoms must be used for intercourse

Safe Word – A special word used between couples to indicate that one has become uncomfortable with the situation.  It can be used at a party if boundaries are getting blurred and is also common in a BDSM encounter.

Same Room – Couples who prefer or require any sexual experiences to be together, in the same room, as in Open Swinging.

Separate Room –  Couples who prefer or require any sexual experiences with others to occur in separate rooms, as in Closed Swinging.

SF – Single Female

SM – Single Male

Soft Swap, Soft swinging – No intercourse except with your own partner.  May involve girl/girl play, or oral between the swapped partners.  Can be very erotic and is a great way for beginners to start.

Str8, Straight –  Not bisexual or gay

Squirter, squirting – Refers to a woman who ejaculates when she has an orgasm.  There seem to be a much higher percentage of squirters in the lifestyle.

Sub, Submisive – The submissive partner in a Dom/ Sub relationship

Swapping – Exchanging partners.  Can be same or separate rooms

Swinger – Someone who enjoys having sex with others in an open NO CHEATING environment

Swinging – Couples and singles who like to attend open minded parties and events, and have the option of flirting and having sex with other people.  All sexual activities are mutually agreed upon.

Swingle – A single who likes to pair up with a swingle of the opposite sex to attend swinger events as a couple

Tantra, Tantric sex – A form of sexual expression or activity which emphasizes spiritual connection, and holds that sex is a sacred act which can bring those who engage in it to a higher spiritual plane.

Tested – Refers to someone who has had a recent test for STD’s

TS – Transexual

TV– Transvestite

Unicorn – A term for the so called “elusive single female” who likes to swing with couples.  In our experience they really are not so rare, especially if you are a member of a swingers site and you seek them out in an honest, respectful way.

Voluptuous –  A curvy woman, usually used to refer to a woman with large well-formed breasts; may also refer to full but well formed hips.

Voyerism, Voyeur – Someone who likes watching others engaged in sex, undressing, or just being sexual and erotic

Vanillas – A swingers term for people who are not swingers

Vanilla Pick up – Refers to swingers who pick up “Vanilla Couples” or single girls for a night of sexual activity

V-Safe – The man has had a vasectomy. 

Water Sports – Refers to involving urination in sexual play.  Not very common in mainstream swinging.  But some do enjoy the fetish.


  1. Melodie Dynes says:

    Thanks alot this made for intresting reading. I really enjoy your site, and I am looking forward to meeting other swingers in the Denver area. I have came here a number of times but have never left a comment, just wanted to let you know… Keep up the good work, and I hope to meet you 2 soon!

  2. Vanessa and Joe says:

    My husband and I received a huge amount of pleasure from reading through your swingers website! We have always talked about swinging because I am very bi curious and he really wants to see me with another woman. We just joined Kasidie and we are going to the next Sweets Entertainment party. Thanks for the great info! We loved your Swingers Dictionary too and had a lot of fun reading throught the swinger definitions!

  3. Georgia says:

    Thanks, and keep up the great work. I really enjoyed reading your Swingers Glossary! In fact it kind of turned me on and opened my mind to some new ideas. I am fantasizing about a gang bang! Anyone interested?

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