Sugar House Denver – Closed

Sugar House Denver has been closed due to a Denver Police sting involving an underage police cadet who was served alcohol.

We have met the new owner (She calls herself Sugar Momma) and have talked with her about the changes she has made and some of the new ideas she has for Sugar House Denver.  Fortunately, she has kept all of the things that we love about Sugar House, and changed or gotten rid of the things we didn’t like as much.  We really liked the new Sugar House and wish the new owner the best.  At this time, Sugar House Denver is closed, pending a hearing on their liquor license.

Please look around our site and read the reviews of the other great Denver swingers parties and swingers clubs.  The best place to find ALL of the best parties and swingers news in Denver is on Kasidie!


  1. Irene White says:

    Going to be in the Denver area from Mar 7-11. Both me and my partner are newbies and would love to acquaint ourselves with swingers activities in the Denver area. We’ll be at a hotel on E. Colfax. Is the Sugar House far from there. Thanks for any info. IW

    • RealDenverSwingCouple says:

      Hello Irene! First of all, welcome to Denver in advance. We love newbies! Sugar House is only a few miles from E. Colfax and we highly recommend it especially on Saturday nights. Sugar House has also started hosting Newbie Nights one or 2 Fridays per month and it is a great chance to get introduced to the swingers community in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. We encourage you to create at least a free profile on Kasidie so you can see the theme nights at Sugar House or Scarlet Ranch and also see any other Denver Swingers Parties being hosted while you are in town. You are also pretty close to the Mon Chalet which is a very fun swingers hotel with an indoor nude pool.

    • Pooridach says:

      Super site and you were absolutely right. The BBB party was the sexiest and hottest party we have ever been to! I have never seen so many smoking hot women wearing almost nothing and often times absolutely nothing. Even my own, normally timid wife got up on the bow of a boat, took her top off and shook her beautiful breasts and ass all over the lake. We’re loving it!! We are already making plans for next year’s boobs, butts and boats party and we have met so many sexy friends Thank you!

      We are looking forward to enjoying some of the hot Denver Swingers Parties!

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi! My hubby and I are newbies to the whole swinging scene. We’ve been in Denver since the end of February. We are looking at hitting up Sugar House Saturday night for St. Pattys Day. Do you know if they have anything special going on for Pattys Day? Any recommendations for newbies??

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