Denver Swingers Clubs Reviews

Unbiased Reviews of Denver Swingers Clubs – Reviews of Swingers clubs as well as Swinger Parties in Denver and Swinger events throughout Colorado.  This swinger Club Review section will be updated pretty regularly as we continue to visit Swinger clubs and parties in the Denver area.  We are not affiliated with any of these Lifestyle Clubs.  We are just real Denver Swingers that wanted to make it a bit easier for anyone interested in finding out more about the best Swinger clubs and Swingers parties in Denver.  Every single swingers club in Denver is on Kasidie and most of their members are too.  Kasidie is the best place to see all of the theme parties and get detailed in on every swingers club and upcoming Denver Swingers parties.  These reviews are not in any particular order.

Denver Swingers Reviews  Scarlet Ranch – C-470 and Santa Fe  –  (303) 722-7538

Scarlet Ranch has moved to their new location just South of C-470 and Santa Fe.  This classy, upscale 2 story building will give no clues as to the fun adult times going on inside.  As you enter you will be greeted by a few attractive hotesses who will answer any questions and review the pricing options for you.   They will also give you a tour of Scarlet Ranch and show you around this On-Premise Swingers Club.

Scarlet Ranch (the Ranch as it is sometimes called)  is open 9PM – 4AM Wednesday – Saturday.  Fridays and Saturdays are the biggest nights and Saturday is the most popular of the 2.  They also have a special theme party once a month or so, and these are an absolute BLAST, and usually very well attended.  Non theme party weekends are $80 per couple, and theme parties are usually around $100.  They also have 3 month and annual membership options.  Here is a link to their membership page that reviews pricing and their simple screening process.  Their are restrictions on single males, so be sure to check that if necessary.  They do not serve alcohol which saves some of us quite a bit of money…  It is BYOB only, and you are welcome to bring, beer, wine, liquor and they will mark it with your membership number and then poor it for you when you are ready.  They do have mixers available or you can bring your own.
Denver Swingers Review of Scarlet Ranch

This is our updated review of the new Scarlet Ranch Location –

Scarlet Ranch is a private on Premise Membership club so nudity and sex are allowed in the club, as well as anywhere in the enormous backyard adult playground and the new club is HUGE!  A great example was their recent “Outdoor Foam party” which had many naked and scantily clad bodies slipping, and sliding around on the specially built outdoor dance floor in soapy suds.  This summer at Scarlet Ranch was like nothing Denver Swingers, or almost any other swingers have ever seen!

The new club has a bar in front, a huge dance floor near the back, a downstairs play area with numerous private, public, and semi private play areas.  The fenced in, completely private backyard area has to be experienced to be believed.  There are so many cabanas, beds and play areas and the last time we were there, EVERY ONE of them was FULL!  We felt like we were at the sexiest and most decadent of Roman parties.  There were threesomes, foursomes, and orgies going on everywhere we looked!  We saw a group of friends and joined in on the fun!

The staff does a great job of making sure their are plenty of clean towels and condoms around, and they change the sheets after a play area has been enjoyed.  One of the rooms also has some light restraints for a little lite bondage fun.  We really enjoyed the amenities in that room as we explored with another couple on our last visit!

We really like Scarlet ranch.  We have only been on Saturdays and have always found people that we were interested in getting to know much better.  The crowd is usually a good mix of late 20’s 30’s 40’s and a few 50’s.  They state on their website that the average age of attendees is 37, and that sounds about right to us.  We have several friends that have been annual members for a few years, and they have been very pleased with their membership.

Scarlet Ranch is a great place to explore the lifestyle.  Whether you are kind of new to swinging. kind of curious and just want to watch a little bit, or you are ready to try out that birthday gangbang fantasy that you have been talking about, Scarlet Ranch is a fun place to get to know other Denver Swingers in a casual, sexy environment.  if you go, please tell them that sent you!  If you want all of the Scarlet Ranch updates and be able to see many of their members, then stop swinging in the dark! Come check out the Scarlet Ranch Community on Kasidie!  They currently have 992 members and the Scarlet Ranch membership is growing every day.  You can see swingers pics and profiles and see exactly who loves the Scarlet Ranch! Plays Well With Others.

Denver Swingers Clubs ReviewsSugar House Denver 1395 W. Alameda  303-777-9900

Sugar House gets better and better every time we go!  Sugar House is really only a Swingers Club on Saturday, and until recently, Saturday is the only night we had been.  SugarHouse is a fairly normal nightclub on Wednesday through Fridays, although we have heard from some friends that the couples and single women who attend on Fridays are often times interested in swinging but still a bit too nervous to show up on Saturdays.  Sounds like a great opportunity for a “vanilla pick up” to us!  In fact they have just started their “Casual Fridays” in their newly remodeled upstairs lounge.  The Kasidie Play Suites are now open on Fridays and Saturdays!  The Play suites are 100% free for all Kasidie members, and ANYTHING GOES in the play suites!

As their website says, Saturday is the night they cater to hot, young, Denver Swingers, and that has definitely been our experience.    Saturday nights are usually $20 per couple, but they often offer free nights or discounts to members of their favorite swingers site. In addition to great drinks, SugarHouse Grill was also just Nominated for the Best Burger in Denver!  They are pretty tasty and as the reviews say, the waitresses are much sexier and friendlier than at Hooters!  Stop in for lunch and check get a feel for Sugar House.

We really like Sugar House and have been there many times now. Most on a special theme nights, one was for a private swingers birthday party, and the other 4 were just a normal Saturday night.  We had a great time every time we went. We have always met and danced with other sexy couples, and single girls and found plenty of attractive open-minded people to mingle with. There was a good mix of ages ranging from 21 to 45 years old and everyone was dressed in very sexy club wear.   We love the sexy couches, and plush beds, and the overall look and decor of Sugar House. Great new signage out front makes Sugar House really stand out and it is getting busier all of the time.  Very nice bar, great creative drinks, and a  sexy bar staff.  We did not like the original DJ, but have really had fun on the dance floor recently.  The dance floor is somewhat small, but that just doesn’t seem to matter as much at a swinger’s party!
Sexy Couples at Sugar House Denver
Sugar House has 6 beautiful, sexy European style Suites which we had seen on each of our visits before they became Hotel licensed.  At that time the doors had to stay open and their was no nudity or sex allowed.  That has all changed now that they are official hotel rooms.  Once you rent one of the suites ($75 -$150 for the night) you are free to invite anyone into your room that you would like, close the doors and their are no limits behind closed doors!   The rooms are gorgeous with very nice decor and great beds. The rooms are very large with extremely nice beds and decor.  There is plenty of room to split the cost with another couple or 3, or just spring for the party and invite any of the hot swingers that you meet in for some sext adult playtime!

Sugar House has also started offering exclusive takeover events only for members of Kasidie, which is what we attended on the night we went.  We went to the Kasidie Toga Take over party and had a fantastic night.  This is just one of many reasons why Kasidie has become our favorite Swingers and Lifestyle site.  The Kasidie Membership is so high now, that ALL of the play suites are pre-rented and available to all Kasidie members who attends!  Let’s just say that the suites were very active.  if you think Roman Orgy then you are right on track.  You can join the group fun and watch and be watched, or you can close the doors and have some privacy.  Newsflash! As of this weekend Kasidie has now rented out one of the Sugar House party suites EVERY SATURDAY for members of Kasidie.  As long as you are a Kasidie member you can have access to their private party suite at SugarHouse. Like many of the best swinger parties in Denver, you must be a member of Kasidie to get on the list and see all of the details.   Click here to get started with lifetime membership to Kasidie.  The SugarHouse Denver Community on Kasidie now has 2.732 members!  That may give you an ideo of why we love Kasidie so much!

Sugar House Denver Update – Sugar House is now under new ownership and she is such a sweetheart!  Some people have started calling her the Sugar Momma and she has made some great changes to Sugar House.  The first thing she did was take out the beds in the downstairs bar area where no sex is allowed.  The beds were always kind of confusing and not that convenient of a place to sit and mingle.  They have been replaced with sexy, casual couches which are much better to talk, flirt and get to know each other.  They are also right next to the dance floor, so there is plenty to see and more room to dance and be sexy.

Denver Swingers Review of   PT’s Showclub 1601 West Evans Ave.    303-934-2424

Swinging Strippers PT's Denver - PT's SwingersIs Pt’s showclub in Denver a swingers club?  No, it isn’t.  Do a lot of Denver Swingers go there?  Absolutely!  Please note that PT’s has 2 clubs in Denver and this review is about the original one that is located just west of Santa Fe, on Evans.  Pt’s is regular strip club during the week and a couples strip club on the weekends.  On Friday and Saturday nights PT’s opens up it’s male dancer stage and the couples and the bachelorette parties come out to play and dance.  Pt’s has a great dance floor and the patrons shake their groove thing and do a bit of dirty dancing themselves.  Women are allowed and even encouraged to go topless or at least flash their goods.  There are usually quite a few sexy girls grinding on girls and guys sandwiched between 2 girls.  There is also an amateur stage right next to the dance floor and many of those girls and moms next door strut their stuff for fun and tips.  Of course at the same time there are 3 or 4 stages of sexy strippers working their own stage plus a parade of firemen, policemen and other men who start off in costumes and end up in tiny thongs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that most of the women here came to see the men dance either…  There are almost as many women at the girls stages, and they can get away with a lot more contact with the girls than the men can.  If you want to introduce your girl to a bit of sexy girl girl contact in a very sexy environment, PT”s is a great place to do it.  Be sure to take her next door too.  The PT’s all nude side is only a few steps away.  The left side of the club serves alcohol and is topless only, and the right side serves no alcohol and all of the clothes come off.  We highly recommend a couples table dance in the nude room with your favorite girl!  Find one that really likes women and enjoy!!  Saturday nights are known more as the swingers night and you will find the swingers in the far right corner of the club – past the dance floor and next to the restrooms.  It is pretty common to see a Rendezvous posting on Kasidie with several sexy couples going to PT’s.

There is one thing that you need to be aware of.  There are a lot of single men and young guys at PT’s who tend to get pretty close and watch if you are getting extra sexy on the dance floor.  If your girl decides to get up on the amateur stage, stay close.  Some of the guys think that the $2 tip allows them groping priveleges.  It is not a big problem, but one that we felt that we should mention.  Also, because it is couples night, not swingers night always approach any couples respectfully, and flirtatiously.  They may or may not be swingers.  There could be 2 swingers there or 50.  That part is a bit hit and miss.  It is a pretty common and fun date night between you and another couple, and will have you looking for a room at some point!

Denver Swingers Review of Sweets Entertainment Parties

Women Kissing Three way Kiss Sutra Party Sweets EmtertainmentSweets Entertainment throws some of the best swingers parties in Denver or anywhere else in the country.  The Sweets Entertainment parties are very different from the Sugar House or Scarlet Ranch parties.  The parties are hosted by a wonderful couple who goes by the screename SWEETSENTERTAINMENT on Kasidie.  Almost all of their events are exclusive for Kasidie members and they have become extremely popular amongst Denver Swingers .  They even have people travelling in from out of state because they have heard about how much fun these parties are.

The Sweets parties are so popular because they have secured some of the hottest, sexiest venues in Denver and they do a truly first rate job of making everyone feel comfortable, and making sure that everything goes smoothly.  The Sweets parties are OFF Premise events which means no full nudity or sex, but LOTS of dirty dancing, kissing, and flirtation!  These are sexy, fun, vivacious parties with anywhere from 150 to 350 of Denver’s sexiest swingers attending, depending on the theme for the party.

Sweets Entertainment hosts a pretty amazing party 1 to 2 Sundays per month at a hot local dance club called Sutra.  The Sutra party is the perfect “first swingers party” to attend.  If you are new to the idea and still just curious about swinging, or if you want your girl to have a chance to make out with other sexy girls or sexy men, or if you want to make out with sexy girls, then we strongly encourage you to join us at one of the next Sutra Parties!  Sutra is sexy and sultry and the crowd is even more so.  These Sunday parties are one of our absolute favorites and we have attended many of them including the Memorial Day Sutra BBQ yesterday.  They start around 3 pm and go till around 9, and they are a perfect way for someone to get comfortable with the swinging lifestyle.  Everyone is very friendly, extremely flirtatious, and the environment is very casual and sexy, in a relaxed no pressure setting.

Sutra Party Girls kissing

Sweets Entertainment also hosts a Big time theme party 1 to 2 times per month.  They have shown an impressive ability to secure the “Hotspots” around Denver and the Bling Party that was on June 19th, 2010 was a prime example.  They had 320  hot Denver swingers takeover the upstairs bar and balcony at La Sandia for an extremely hot and erotic summer night!  We spoke with the 2 owners of SweetsEntertainment yesterday and they have a brand new party location coming soon.  Watch for a Sweets Entertainment takeover of the Slam Bar sometime this summer!  All of the Sweets parties are exclusive to Kasidie members.  No looky Loos!  If you have noticed a theme here, many of the best swingers parties in Colorado are exclusive for Kasidie members.  If you want to explore your fantasies and have the time of your life then join kasidie and join us at the next party. We look forward to meeting you!  Sweets Entertainment community on Kasidie currently has 1678 members!

Denver Swingers – FoxyBlues Parties

That’s right, we have started throwing our own Swingers Meet and Greet and house parties in Littleton, CO.  We have had 4 parties so far and the most common word we have heard to describe them is EPIC!  Thank you to all of the sexy Denver Swingers who have joined us at our parties so far and we look forward to many more in the future.  All of our parties have been complete Kasidie takeovers and you can find out about the next one by joining us and all of our friends at Denver’s #1 adult Playground!

Denver is such a GREAT place to be an open-minded couple or a sexy swingle, and we really hope you join our Denver Swingers community!

Sexually Social? Visit!

Sihouettes – Colorado Springs

Silhouettes is a new on premise swingers club in Colorado Springs that is getting rave reviews on Kasidie.  We have not been ourselves but plan to attend sometime very soon.  We keep hearing great things about Silhouettes and definitey recommend it if you live down south.  You must be referred by a current member so if you want to check out this great club, you either need to know someone or contact them on kasidie 1st.  The owner is very nice, so it is not an exclusionary thing, they just want to know who is coming.  Just like all of the parties here you can find Silhouettes and register for upcoming parties under the Parties/ Events section on Kasidie.

Here is a recent review of Silhouettes from CuriousUS reprinted with their permission.

“Silhouettes is like the show Cheers because of the service, personable staff and inviting members yet the ambiance is everything from 1940’s – 50’s New York, Vegas and Hollywood. The owner takes pride in both the cleanliness and appearance of his business and it shows. The attention to detail and class didn’t go unnoticed. From the moment we stepped foot in the door until we sadly had to leave, we were pleased with the operation, pride, love and joy that everyone brought to the table. You want to go where everybody knows your name”  Cheers!


  1. Gosh..I should pay attention better and check out all areas of your site before I comment! My apologies! Glad to see your Sweets Entertainment review! Thanks so much for a well written site. Enjoyable and informative reading!

    • RealDenverSwingCouple says:

      Hello Kristen and Jeff,

      Thank you for your comments here on our website. We love hearing feedback from other real Denver Swingers and lifestyle couples. We are thrilled that you enojoyed our site and hope to meet you at one of the upcoming denver swingers parties.

  2. You forgot to mention that some of the BEST parties and get-togethers are outside of the clubs, at Meet & Greets and private parties.. And the winner of THAT category would HAVE to be this site’s very own foxyblues.. We have been to the last two of their Meet & Greet / After Party’s, and they have been nothing short of EPIC and AMAZING (we are sorry that we left this last one a little early, and WON’T make that mistake again).. We are most definitely planning on attending the next–and all future–M&G/AP.. Being fairly new to the lifestyle, I’m not sure why the two bigger swingers clubs feel the need to compete so heavily, as there appears to be plenty of swingers/lifestylers to go around.. Plus each seems to cater to a little bit of a different crowd on any given night.. Likewise, the Sugar House only caters fully to the lifestyle crowd on Saturday nights after 9pm, and only limited on Friday nights.. While the Scarlet Ranch caters exclusively to the lifestyle crowd Wednesday thru Sunday.. One serves liquor, and the other is BYOB.. Certainly this town is big enough for both of them to co-exist in perfect harmony. :o) One thing we know. We are so glad we became members of Kasidie because we can always find a great Lifestyle party to go to!

    • RealDenverSwingCouple says:

      Hi Deb and Jack! Thank you so much for adding your comment and the kind words about our Foxyblues parties. We have considered writing about our Meet and Greet / Takeovers here but they have been so packed as it is, that we haven’t so far. As you know, the last 2 have been at max capacity and we agree that they have been absolutely EPIC! Denver Swingers are some of the sexiest and luckiest swingers in the world in our opinion. There are so many fantastic swingers parties and swingers clubs to attend here in Denver and every one of them is listed and updated daily on the Kasidie Parties / Events page. See you guys at the next party!

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